March 31, 2015

Cost Effective Ways to Advertise a Website

I was paranoid about advertising my website; yes I researched a lot about effectively advertising my website. I didn’t have a lot of money but due to my extensive research I came to conclusion that it was not a problem at all. You can advertise your website cost effectively by doing the routine SEO work and see great results.

Advertising your website is as important to your business as commercials are for Coca Cola Beverages. Without advertisement people won’t visit your website and your circle would be limited to a very small number of visitors.

I’ll repeat myself and say that advertising a website doesn’t necessarily means you need to put in a lot of money. You just need some creative ideas such as these discussed below:

Forums and blogs

Posting your advertisement on forums and using blog to advertise your website are the most convenient and efficient ways of marketing. Forum posting is normally free; it is a platform which already has a lot of interested audience. Keep in mind that your post your ads on relevant forums where there are many potential customers. The other important thing is to indulge and participate in the forum. Just posting your ad randomly will make it look like a scam.

Social networking

Half the world is now using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social networking sites are the best way to advertise your website especially to your circle of friends and family. There are communities on these sites which behold interested people. Like forums, posting your ad there will get you a lot of traffic.

Ad making

The crucial aspect of advertising is making the ad itself. If you ad contains spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, it will look unprofessional. If you use uninteresting mundane stuff, people will ignore it. If you use copy paste material, your ad will look like a scam. Therefore the ad should be unique, new, updated, interesting and error free.

Offline (conventional) marketing 

If you own an online business that doesn’t mean you cannot market it offline. You can and you must. I found offline marketing very helpful. Not only do people get to hear about your website, you also feel good and develop a ‘businessman-like’ attitude. You can make pamphlets, ads, simple printouts and other cheap ways to promote your website. Business card is also a good idea which gives you and your website a professional look.

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    You can call it as marketing, advertising is always something users are not going to give attention to

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