March 27, 2015

Solving Battery Draining Problem in iPhone

Suddenly, you might have noticed that your iPhone’s battery is running down too fast with no any possible reason. Generally, this problem is found in iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.1 update. The major cause of this issue is directly related to Apple’s automatic updating process of your iPhone’s setting.

After one complete full charge (100%) of my iPhone, I noticed that the battery went down to 65% just after 20 minutes. And I was bit sure that I didn’t used it since last full charge. How can a battery can drain that way without doing anything with it?

If you are having same kind of problem then now, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because I have found one simple solution for that. Follow the following process:

Go to the ‘Settings‘ app > Location Services > scroll down and tap System Services. Now check whether ‘Setting Time Zone‘ option is on or off. If it is on then turn it OFF. That’s it! Now you’ll notice that your iPhone battery is working normal as before. You got your iPhone back!

Battery Draining iPhone

Unknowingly, people thinks that battery draining issue is directly related to the hardware battery; its not true but rather due to the automatic settings update of Apple some of your iPhone settings options are changed. In this case, Time Zone location service is turn on and it continuously leads to the drain of battery even when your WI-FI or cellular data is turned off!

There are some other possible reasons too that run down the battery life of iPhone too fast. You need to turn off the options that are not currently in use while using your iPhone. Go to Settings app > Mail, Contacts, CalendersFetch New Data > scroll down tap Advanced > iCloud > select option Fetch.

If possible set every ‘Fetch New Data’ option to ‘Fetch’ and turn off ‘Push’ data option so that the service will not push any data and saves your battery life a lot.

Let us know if these process solved your battery draining problem.

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  1. avatar Sreejesh says:

    With the new iOS 6 update, the battery stays much longer, but if we have lots of apps, then its something we need to fix ourselfs

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